Final Project, Finally!

20 Dec

As much I was dreading this prezi, especially the voice over, I can honestly say I don’t think I could ever go back to powerpoint again. I loved how much more creative you could get with the prezi compared to a more structured powerpoint. I was reluctant with twitter in the beginning as well. I am not a big fan of change, but I now enjoy both twitter, prezi, and jing thanks to this class! This prezi really just sums up my definition of what writing and being a writer means in today’s world. Now watching it, it doesn’t seem like it took that much time, but a lot of thought (and many retakes) went into it. I hope you enjoy it!




Module Project Part 2

20 Dec

To be completely honest, I actually really enjoyed getting to work with Prezi. It was a website that really made you dig deep into your topic, so that you can get to the meat of the idea and back up what you were talking about with images, videos and movement. This creates a different type of learning that will over take schools in the future.

In my project I based it one on thought, writing is sharing. I explored how in the music industry the sharing of ideas, thoughts, feelings, and new material can be spread with the opportunities that these writing spaces can provide for them. I also look into the connections that different writing spaces can make between authors. Because in the end writing is sharing.

Check out my Prezi Presentation and let me know what you think!

Writing is Sharing

20 Dec


            Writing is sharing. It expresses our research, thoughts, experiences, feelings, and emotions. And today, with technology, that certainly is changing things. For example, the music industry is thriving off of these new writing spaces. Musicians and record labels are continuously adapting to the endless opportunities that social media can provide for them. Twitter, Facebook and other services such as Tumblr, Youtube and Flickr have taken over the press, radio and television as the main sources of information. These new writing spaces, such as Facebook, allows thoughts to be expressed about a particular artist, or even for a band to connect with their fan base to keep them up to date with new material, tour dates or announcements. The writers in these spaces just need to have something to say. An opinion. A message. A worry. Or a thank you. When these are posted onto the web it becomes public, allowing anyone out there to see it. With the correct audience awareness and the accessibility of these sites, this is where connections start. The sharing of your ideas can connect you to other people worldwide with the same interests. And that’s just it, a writing space is designed to connect people for the overall purpose of connecting them. Sharing your thoughts is no longer singular. It used to be that you used to have an idea and write it down in solitude, but now a writer can write in a multitude of writing spaces and it will be seen. Sharing your writing in a writing space such as Facebook or Twitter won’t be taken as seriously as if done on a blog. But then again, the writing space determines what kind of writing is accepted. The expectations of a certain writing space can vary to others. For example, Facebook is used to mainly for social interaction and the writing on that site would mainly be done for that. A blog is more centered on writing. Expressing more thorough ideas and more detailed writing where you will have subscribers that can connect with even more writing. Because of all of this, the writer must choose what their writings address, and spread it accordingly. This is an issue that writers have to be aware of now with all of this new technology creating more writing spaces. Where will writing be in the future? No one can really say. However, technology is constantly changing, and the process that we have made in the last 20 years is unbelievable. I believe writing will become even more interactive and social. Because in the end writing is sharing.


Writing Spaces Through Youtube

20 Dec

In Cee-Lo’s lyric video of his hit song has over 10.7 million views. This type of lyric video is on the uprise of the music industry today. Instead of websites posting lyric pages, they are integrating them right onto a video. This way, the fans can learn the lyrics, as well as them being displayed for the world, instead of guessing to occur.

Not just through music, but also with lessons, this is taking place. This gives a different meaning to the lesson. Students have something to look at, something that they can read, which therefore will be something they will remember and have sink in. It is just a little something different that is added to the internet these days.


20 Dec

Upon hearing that we had to go without Facebook for a week I wasn’t exactly quite sure how I was going to be. My life is on there. No not to find out when the next party is. But to find out who is going on tour. Where boyband A is on his day off, how my best friend in Pittsburgh is, and so on. I also find a lot of crafts and project ideas for my teaching job at a daycare/preschool/kindergarten facility.

It was just as hard as I thought it was going to be. But not for any of the above listed reasons. My little brother. 19. Jeff. He is in the Marines. He is currently residing in Japan. No phone service. Only communication through the internet. Skype has been our lifeline, however with a 14 hour time difference, phone calls are very seldom because he has roommates that don’t want to hear his phone conversations, and we are usually sleeping when he can talk. Therefore, my brother and I communicate through Facebook. Whenever I got a notification on my phone that he messaged me, I opened up Facebook Messenger App on my iphone, therefore I wasn’t tempted to start going through my newsfeed.

Something to Think About.

20 Dec

“Technology won’t replace teachers. But, those teachers that use technology in their classrooms will replace those teachers that don’t.”


I think about the quote above. We are seeing lots of technology in classrooms, but it’s still not everywhere. Many of the early childhood classes have very little technology – do administators not think they’re worth it? I don’t know the answer to this. Meanwhile, as early childhood teachers, it’s necessary that we bring the 21st century tech skills into our classrooms and expose our children to them. If we don’t, eventually, other teachers will and it will probably be those tech savy ones.

Welcome to the Classroom

20 Dec

Growing up in high school and in middle school I found that projects and research done through the internet was how I learned best. As I progressed in years, so did technology, and with that my learner exceeded what it did the year before. With the fast moving information, the high abudance of topics that could be researched in seconds, as well as the ways of getting online to learn, it proves that technology is beneficial in the classroom today.

Throughout the internet there are sources for students of any age to get on and explore. From preschool games up to typing games to improve accuracy or even web quests to get students more engaged, the internet is making way into the curriculum faster than we think.

My father is an eighth grade social studies teacher, and through over 25 years of teaching behind him he is finding that when he does his research papers and webquests places throughout various chapters of the book throughout the year, his students are more engaged and retaining information longer. The internet is what kids know. They are on it all the time when they are at home, so why not bring it into the classroom. They know just as much as the teachers do, and they can benefit from it? Then I say welcome to the classroom.