Blogging is Definitely the Way for the Classroom

21 Nov

Bolder talks about how the writing space is a way in which ”the writer enters into a reflective and reflexive relationship with the written page, a relationship in which thoughts are bodied forth.” I feel as if blogs are great for establishing a personal identity while still interacting with the outside world. Some posts will be thought thoroughly through while others will be impulsive, depending on the topic of discussion or mood of the writer. Blogs are writing spaces in which the personality of the writer is created, which I think is really important for young students to learn and prosper with.

I find that a blog is great way for a student to discover his or her inner thoughts, because it all becomes very personal. Students relate material to their own lives or further investigate topics through their own discoveries and interests. This concept of allowing for their own choice is always drilled into my head through my education classes and I think this could be reached through using blogs.

Teachers make students reflect upon their actions and thoughts regularly and it is a great way to share those ideas with the rest of the world through blogging. And perhaps something that a student could not express with words can be expressed through visuals and videos, which would be extremely hard to show on a piece of paper with a pencil. There are so many ways of expression out there.

For a student, it is an easy way for student to track their growth and progress as a person and writer because everything on the blog is neatly organized in one place. This type of organization and self-reflection is extremely beneficial for young students. Students see the development and change over time, which helps become a stronger writer and communicator.

Blogs are beneficial when students are first familiarizing themselves with writing spaces, as blogs do not only emphasize writing. Blogs allow for many ways of expression, which is important when students are trying to find their writer’s identities. If students cannot fully express themselves through words, they can use a video or picture to either state an idea or further enhance a previously stated opinion.

As well, through observation, I have found that many students feel uncomfortable voicing their opinions outwardly in the classroom, as they are afraid of judgment. Students are certainly more prone to voice opinions when they don’t have to look the audience straight in the face. If students are more comfortable, they are more likely to reveal deeper thoughts, ultimately helping them establish their own writing identity.

While blogs may allow for a lot of freedom, when used in a classroom, for educational purposes, some sort of rules or blog etiquette need to be established. This is a good thing to use in order so that all partakers feel comfortable. When student feel comfortable they are more willing to partake in the community of the classroom, which fosters many different ideals and everyone is in such a good harmony.

Blogs seem to be here to stay for a while, so I will definitely find how I can incorporate blogs in my future classrooms.


One Response to “Blogging is Definitely the Way for the Classroom”

  1. shawneesaurusrexx November 28, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    I agree that blogging is going to be around for a long time, taking the place of newspapers, magazines, and other print products. I think it’s a good idea to incorporate into a classroom that way students can get a feel for the technologies that are out there. Good post!

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