The Internet in Today’s World

27 Nov

Computers. They have become a staple in almost every home today. Kids are constantly seen surfing the web, on social media sites, and now even seen doing homework on them. Computers are making their way into the classroom, and for very good reason. In Bolter’s Introduction: Writing in the Late Age of Print, he says,  “Each [writing] space depends on its meaning on previous spaces or contemporary spaces on which it competes” (12). For a child to have an assignment and have it be completed in a domain where there are moving objects, and even a lot going on, it will stimulate their mind and be more effective than if they were to just read it out of a book and hand write and answer. I have worked at a daycare for about 4 years, and iPads have just been introduced into the curriculum. The weekly lesson of learning a different alphabet letter has now become fun, instead of a chore. The range of games that are available that are really mini lessons for the children are endless. And the best part? The kids love them. Little animals running around and you have to catch the “M’s”, or when they have to put the letters in order to be able to save the princess from falling into the dragon’s mouth. The liveliness and the realness or putting these lessons right in our kids hands makes the learning experience more enjoyable and efficient.


2 Responses to “The Internet in Today’s World”

  1. mccart71 November 27, 2012 at 8:26 pm #

    After reading your post, I can’t believe that iPads are being used at a daycare! I can see how helpful and useful iPads can be with young children, but it is crazy to me to see how much technology has changed from when I was an infant. I worked at a daycare over the summer and I can’t imagine trusting the kids with iPads, but I am sure that they love it. I loved the video that you posted because it provided a lot of good information with incorporating technology into the classroom. Have any of the parents at the daycare complained about using that much technology in the school? I know that a lot of parents don’t even let their children watch a lot of tv so I wonder if they will be against using iPads.

  2. cascia35 November 29, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

    I feel the same way! I was at first skeptical about iPads and computers in the classroom. The thought of having young kids so dependent on technology disgusted me. But in the classroom, if you used in the right way, technology can open up so many doors to learning. They allow students to explore subjects in other ways besides a pencil and paper. I do think iPads and all technologies need to be used in moderation. If used too much, I think kids will become dependent. If they’re not used enough, I don’t think students will be able to keep up with future technological advance.

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