Twitter in the Classroom

29 Nov

I think it would be great to use Twitter as a way to communicate in the classroom. Twitter allows for different people to come together and communicate about so many different subjects. It is so convenient to go to one profile and see what everyone else is saying in addition to what you are saying.

With so many users out there, there is bound to be something to spark ones interest, whether someone is talking about fitness, food, or it is a favorite celebrity talking about his/her day. And it is great to use in schools, as students’ likes and opinions range all over the place. And as classes become increasingly larger, it would be easier for students to communicate amongst themselves and with teachers through Twitter. Twitter helps establish a welcoming community, which is increasingly necessary in such big classrooms with such diverse learners.

As a future educator, I was interested to read David Silver’s piece because he touched a little bit upon the difference between two kinds of tweets and the quality of each. It made it seem as if he really only wanted thick tweets for his assignments. While this is okay for school, I felt as if he needed more explanation as to why rather than just stating the differences. Students need the direction as to what exactly is required. Perhaps he explained more in another blog post, but I feel like I needed more direction on what he expected.

He seemed to require a lot from the students. If tweeting is a regular process, I don’t necessary think that every tweet needs to have multiple thoughts and links. This does give a lot of insight as to what students are thinking, but if not taught properly to do so, students may be putting in irrelevant information because it is required of them.  I don’t think an idea should be forced. I don’t think this is what Silver is trying to say, but I think he needs to explain in more detail what he is trying to say.

I don’t know if I would have young elementary students use Twitter. But it would definitely be a tool that I would use to help students learn to express their interests, opinions, and identities.

In order for Twitter to be used in the classroom, the teacher must be informed as to how it can be used. Without proper instruction, students will not know what to do. There are hundreds of websites out there that show teachers effective ways of using Twitter in the classroom. 


One Response to “Twitter in the Classroom”

  1. mbond88 November 30, 2012 at 11:35 pm #

    I agree that using twitter can be a really interesting tool to connect the students and teacher in the classroom; although, social networking has a strong reputation as an outlet for bullying. I would hope that using social networking sites in the classroom would not increase the chances of students getting bullied. Then again, if a student was to bully another student through a social networking site, the bully would be easier caught. Considering we are from the 21st century learning community, I think twitter could be a very useful tool for middle grade and high school class settings. As long as it is being used properly, I think it could have great benefits.

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