Farewell Blackwood!

29 Nov

Tuesday was my last day for field at Blackwood Elementary School. I thought that I’d be more excited because this means I can sleep in for the remaining Tuesdays of the semester. However, it felt bittersweet to walk in and out of those doors for the last time. My class was composed of twenty little angels (sometimes this opinion varied) and they sweetly waved goodbye as they trotted to art class. Second grade was the perfect grade for me, as opposed to last semester, when I was observing in an eighth grade classroom. Teaching in eighth grade was roughhh, those kids are really quick to break you down. I felt like every time I addressed the class, they were inspecting every inch of me, judging me and refusing to learn to make a point that they didn’t want me there.

Completely on the other hand, my second graders basically assisted me whenever I stood up to teach. They listened to my introduction of new topics and enthusiastically participated in my activities, which I think was due to the fact that my cooperating teacher encouraged me to choose engaging activities. I wasn’t just there to play fun games, I was there to educate young minds and to show them that not all learning needed a pencil and paper! My cooperating teacher also showed me a whole new mindset of differentiated instruction- one size definitely did not fit all in that classroom.

This field experience definitely provided insight for teaching younger children and provided me with organizational tools for creating learning centers– a great differentiated instruction tool!


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