Presidential Debates & #Slutty Girl Problems

29 Nov

I’ve hated Twitter pretty much immediately- as soon as my friends started making them, I started hating it. It just seems to be Facebook status updating ALL DAY. Steven Johnson jokes saying that no one woke up one day wanting a technology to alert everyone on his choice of breakfast cereal. But I’ve seen far worse things when I begrudgingly made an account for this class. I didn’t care about you and your significant other’s fight on Facebook, and I definitely don’t care about it on Twitter, with fifty hashtags that attest to your love for him. Isn’t that special. I also see some people admitting they hate Twitter too, although I am skeptic of their reasoning. They hate it because it’s so “addictive” and “because it’s always down”, while I hate it because of its existence.

However, I can see how Twitter is a positive tool in some aspects. Like the #hackedu conversation, Twitter quickly and efficiently links up user comments, conversation, arguments and links that pertain to the topic at hand. It is another location to share pictures, connect with friends and be linked in to the celebrity world. I stop to think how fascinating (not) my life has become now that I can read #Slutty Girl Problems on Twitter.  Pages like that just seem to cancel out more viable ones with their idiocy. And I feel that followers’ biggest issue after reading several articles online, is the 140 character limit. Do you really have that much to say about your life? Twitter just seems to be a mode for self absorption and centeredness.

Let’s not forget that to be a successful Twitter-er, you need to have a mass amount of followers. Because people care about how many followers you have, and I guess gauge whether or not you seem followable from the number. So go ahead, follow everything under the sun, things that have to do with your major, your friend’s interests and your boyfriends followers. Or use this quick fix to get more followers!


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