YouTube as a Resource

4 Dec

Like many people nowadays, I find myself watching YouTube videos at random times on a variety of topics. While most of the time the videos I watch on YouTube are for my own pleasure, I have been finding it a great resource for my future classroom.

There are many companies out that that release official videos on YouTube for educational purposes. Some of these videos are instructional while others can be informational.

I recently had to write lesson plans and my professor asked that I incorporate technology in my lesson. I was doing my assignment on fire safety. I immediately went to YouTube and found dozens of great videos especially made for kids on fire safety. This was a great way to introduce this valuable life lesson to my students. Rather than have myself talk in front of the class with limited resources, it would be much easier to have a professional talk on the screen with a variety of props and resources to emphasize the reality of the situation.

And there are not only professionally made videos out there. Since it is so easy to upload videos to YouTube, everyday teachers can upload videos that give many ideas for teaching strategies. I have been in many schools, but it is much easier to find videos on exemplary teachers on YouTube rather than it is in person. By seeing teachers’ ideas on YouTube, it allows me to pick and choose what I may want to use in the classroom. And if I do not like something that a teacher is doing in one video, I can quickly change the video and find something that I like. Honestly, YouTube is so accessible and easy to use that I think it is necessary to use in the classroom and for inspiration.


The Teacher’s Guide to Using YouTube in the Classroom is a great website to help a teacher get started with Youtube in the classroom. I checked it out and found so many ideas.



2 Responses to “YouTube as a Resource”

  1. mbond88 December 5, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    Steph, you are right, the amount of educational videos on YouTube are very helpful. I would have never thought as YouTube as a place to go for educational purposes. Recently I used various videos from YouTube for my TLC class as part of my lesson plan. I was teaching students about community helpers and the amount of videos on community helpers was overwhleming. I normally only use YouYube for comedy to laugh at something crazy or silly someone had posted!

  2. elizabethspengler December 20, 2012 at 3:52 am #

    Steph, I as well use Youtube in my lesson plans. I work at a DayCare facility that holds children in 4 different rooms all ranging from 18 months to Kindergarten. And through my 4 years of working there, I have been in every room. When making lesson plans I usually go to Youtube because there are such educational videos on there that keep the attention and education children of all ages.

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