Don’t Limit My Searches

6 Dec

I want to be a future educator, but education is by far not the only thing that runs through my mind at all times. This is especially the case when I am using a search engine like Google. While I do find myself looking up educational matters, mostly as a result of my classes and field experience, it is certainly a small fraction of the topics that I choose to look up altogether.

Eli Pariser says in his presentation, “The Internet shows us what we may want to see, but not necessarily what we need to see.” Right now, I may be more focused on things like celebrity news, fashion updates, or fitness tips. But that may not be the case forever, especially when I get further into my teaching career. As well, although matters like the economy or politics may not be something that sparks my interest first, they are matters that I should be somewhat aware of, especially as I become a part of adulthood and knowledgeable citizen.

Many times, I do feel as if I am in a sort of Rowan bubble, where I confine myself to things that are surrounding me directly. I oftentimes hear about major news stories that go on from my mom and she is extremely surprised that oftentimes I have no idea what is really going on. Through my classes, I may become aware of certain things surrounding education, books, or even writing. But when it comes to the future I am totally lost. I realize that the person I am now is not the person I will be in a few years. I want to have control over that and I certainly do not want Google to dictate the things that I look at. I perhaps like the idea of a suggestions page, where things are recommended based on my interests, but I do not think I need to be sheltered and restricted from certain topics and issues.



One Response to “Don’t Limit My Searches”

  1. szaboc33 December 6, 2012 at 3:27 am #

    I could not agree more! I thought it was really interesting in the video the comparison between one man’s Google search and another man’s Google search of the same subject. However, I think as time progresses and Google “learns” about your changing interests, you will find that the search results will change along with them. Fret not! You will not always be confined to the “Rowan bubble!”

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