Exploring Writing Spaces

9 Dec

It was really interesting to use all these writing spaces, especially at this time of the school year. During finals, I need to be in a writing environment and spae that is less distracting. Many of the distraction-free programs like Focuswriter and Ommwriter were very fitting for this need. I am very familiar working with Microsoft Word as this is what I use on daily basis, so even this program was easy to use.

By using a program like Google Docs in class, I found new ways to use a program that I had previously used. There were also programs like Notes on my iPhone and Writer that weren’t very practical for me to use for a long time. Using Notes tired my hands, which would be hard to use for a long time, and Writer was a program that I just could not get used to using. The settings were impractical for me to commit to and I don’t think I would use it again.

A few of the programs like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Docs were interactive, which would allow for me to converse with other writers. By interacting with other writers, I could receive feedback and gain knowledge and advice that I wouldn’t have been available to me otherwise.

Word Document

Word Document






paperpaper 2


Facebook Status Update

Facebook Update

Google Docs

google docsgoogle docs 2Google Doc 3

Google docs 4

Notes from iPhone 

Notesnotes 2



Word Press


Wordpress 2


Twitter UpdateTwitter 2


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