Module Project Part 1

9 Dec


I think my favorite program that I have never heard of was Omm Writer- I loved the soothing music, and the light sounds the keys made while I was typing. I actually really liked that program and plan on using it again, because it even saves files that I can always upload onto Word and print from there. I think because the writing space itself is so soothing,  I found I was more comfortable to write in it. I do not think, however, that I could produce something truly academic because I found myself wanting to wonder off the given topic, and write something more creative. Also, this was the only program I used that Jing wouldn’t take a picture of.

I only visited Facebook to take a quick snapshot, but I’m very familiar with it and I can admit that I like Twitter’s status update character limit better because there should be a limit to what you can say- maybe that way, Facebook can move from novels to “need to know” basis updates. I also think that Twitter invites you to be whatever you want- academic, comical, advice seeking- because you can link it up with these particular pages. Facebook, however, seems to limit people in how they feel they should express their opinions. Whether they think it’s because a company can view it, or because they are afraid of how their “friends” will view it, I even find myself limiting my opinions when on Facebook.

I absolutely hated Momentum Writer because you can’t erase anything! I can only assume this is to accurately simulate an actual typewriter, which may translate into “think it out before you write” logic. While I can appreciate this sentiment, I think every writer makes mistakes that he/she would like fix to have an overall better outcome. This writing space made me want to complete the assignment quickly and just get out!

I like the Notepad option on my phone, and that I can upload it from the app to a message, text or copy the content into another forum. But I don’t think I could write longer notes because I don’t like the writing for long amounts of time on the size of my phone screen, I like being able to see it larger like on a tablet or computer.

I really liked collaborative writing with Google Docs, but I had trouble keeping up with everyone’s ideas, my own and the organization of the whole paper. However,  I will think to use Google Docs in the future to complete group projects without actually having to meet up in person. I think that Google Docs can truly be used in any setting, for any topic, but really shines when doing collaborative writing.

Lastly, I enjoy handwriting responses- a lot of times I brainstorm and draft my ideas on paper before I actually open a Word document and begin it. I think writing is a lot more personal that way, and while I wish my pen had a “delete” button (and not a scribble out one), I really do enjoy manually writing as opposed to writing in online forums. This was an interesting project, and it showed me many different writing spaces that I want to continue to use even after this module.


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