Giving up Facebook

10 Dec

Before I had to even quit Facebook for Technologies and the Future of Writing, I had considered deactivating my account. Finals are slowly creeping upon me and I have so many papers and projects to finish. Because of these due dates approaching I thought it would be helpful to break away from the one social media that I use each day. I am never one of those people constantly updating things on Facebook, but like most other users, I usually like to waste my time browsing through random profiles. But, before I could actually go through with my own decision, this assignment was forced upon me. Whether I was ready or not to give up Facebook, I had to avoid Facebook for one full week.

When I first told my friends and family, they actually laughed in my face and gave their opinions on how long I would last. I didn’t think it was really helpful that everyone around me thought that I was going to go crazy without Facebook. I had considered cheating and going on Facebook during the assignment. The professor wouldn’t really have known whether I had gone on at any point. But, now that everyone around me told me I couldn’t last, I really wanted to show everyone that I really had the willpower to abstain from Facebook.

At first, it was a little difficult. I found myself typing in Facebook in my search engine or clicking where the App used to be on my iPhone. Thankfully when I wrote my last status update, I logged out so that I couldn’t accidentally go on. Every time I did find myself ending up on the sign in page, I had to take a moment and remind myself that I couldn’t go on Facebook because of this assignment, the need to prove myself to my friends and family, and to allow more time to work on something for finals.

During the days where I had classes, it really wasn’t that hard to avoid going on Facebook because I was so busy with other things. I honestly had no time to go on Facebook even if I wanted to, as I was running around all over the place anyway. I will admit it got a little harder over the weekend, when I would allow myself for more break times from my work. Again, I had a few moments where I tried to open the App or go on through my laptop, but I was strong and fought the urge to put my username and password in.

The only time that I “cheated” was six hours after I left my last status update. I had gone back really quickly to take a screenshot of a status update for my writing spaces project. This was before I realized my professor had allowed for a leeway for a project, but I decided to “cheat” early on before things got more serious. Other than that one moment I have not been on Facebook and I am actually proud of myself.


One Response to “Giving up Facebook”

  1. jtracy321 December 11, 2012 at 9:27 am #

    When I posted my “leaving Facebook” status, I literally got 4 comments from my dad, all just saying “HAHAHAHAHA” over and over again. So you weren’t the only one laughed at. 🙂 Congrats on making it the whole week!! I wouldn’t even count the cheating so early on. I cheated; I couldn’t help it. So again, I congratulate you on actually making it. And I commend you for almost deciding to go without it for a while on your own!

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