Project Part 1

11 Dec

Upon discussion in class, I was aware that there are many different writing spaces that students have access to that can make the writing process a little bit easier and a bit more less distracting. Through the next few examples, there are may programs that help with these areas, but also some that are just more natural.

1. Paper

IMG_1914 Writing on paper is one thing that we have done since we were able to writer. Since then our letter shape and style has changed however the legistics of writing is still there. It is what we grew up doing and it is the most natural.

2. Microsoft Word

2012-12-10_2330  This form of writing space is one that I am most familiar with when it comes to school. All papers are written using Microsoft Word in my life. This was the most natural for me to write on because I was aware of all of the tools and all of the tools were and meant.

3. JDarkroom

Untitled This was very different. A black screen took over my computer and I was left with green writing as I typed an assignment for Creative Writing. This writing space was very unusual because I was not used to the black background, and even the green writing threw me off a little bit. However, the plus side of this was that I could not see any icons on the bottom of my screen which would normally be very tempting for procrastination or distraction.

4. Ommwriter

Untitledl This was by far one of my favorite writing spaces. Ommwriter allows you to play 3 different types of music, 3 different background colors, sizes for text as well as different fonts. I usually listen to music when I write, so this was right up my alley. I love that you could personalize it so I could find what fit my mood most so I was ready to write.

5. Writer

Untitled` This writing space was very similar to JDarkroom however you had a little bit more freedom with this one. You are given some prompts so you can word count, save it, send it, download it. Again, just as with the JDarkroom one, the black and green writing was hard for me to get used to.

6. GoogleDocs

Untitledhy This writing space was very similar to Microsoft Word. The tool bars, the layout, background, etc. I do however like how with google documents everything is right there for you. From documents, to presentations, and all of your work is easily accessible.

7. WordPress

Untitledm The writing space of WordPress is one that I really enjoy. The layout and easiness of this website is one that is very helpful. When wanting to save a draft, who you want to be able to access it as well as the type of audience you want to see it. This website is definitely one that only a blogger would really use, however for that blogger it is very well laid out.

8. Twitter

Untitledv  Twitter allows status updates that are to be under 140 characters, keeping the message short and sweet. These are usually direct statements that could eaither be directed towards a certain person, your entire following or the public. It would include things like what you are doing, where you are, who you are with or how you are feeling.

9. Facebook Status Update

UntitledvhA Facebook status update is a little bit more in depth then a Twitter status. This example, doesnt really show that, however with facebook there is not that limit to 140 characters, so you have more freedom to express. However, the topics are pretty much similar as to what people use Twitter for.

10. Cellphone

image The writing space in a cell phone comes very natural. In this day of age we are constantly tied to our phones, texting, writing reminders, adding things to calendars, and so on. Therefore this writing space is one that I feel the most comfortable with when it comes to writing short things, and not assignments. Autocorrect is a very great thing, very similar to spellcheck.

In conclusion, there are writing spaces everywhere that we look. All different layouts, styles, etc. Each one that fits every person out there, you just have to get out there, explore and see which one fits you best.


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