The Frustrated Teacher

18 Dec


In the information listed, The Frustrated Teacher used to be a teacher (who’s gender is left anonymous), and now is an advocate for students and teachers alike. He/she writes opinionated tweets, and adds a dry sense of humor by justifying it as having an “educated opinion”. Most people that follow this user are also educators, parents or educational organizations. Mostly all of the tweets are educationally based, so it makes sense that  most followers are have educational occupations, because otherwise they might not be interested in this page.

This Twitter user often uses language that I think would be considered inappropriate in the educational field- although the opinions are valid, I do not agree with the means that they come across. This user also tweets about broader topics than education, such as healthcare and controversial topics (slavery, Holocaust). However, other teachers reach out to this The Frustrated Teacher for advice on Union topics, teacher’s rights and preparation strategies. This user also seems somewhat political, and comments quite frequently on working conditions, individual rights and negative teaching issues.


One Response to “The Frustrated Teacher”

  1. mccart71 December 18, 2012 at 2:11 am #

    After reading this post, I went to The Frustrated Teacher’s Twitter page and read some of the tweets they wrote. I agree that they use some bad language, but I really like how they are straight forward and don’t hold back. When people sugar-coat their feelings, they are not showing how they truly feel and sometimes people want to just know the truth. I’m glad that you shared this!

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