Welcome to the Classroom

20 Dec

Growing up in high school and in middle school I found that projects and research done through the internet was how I learned best. As I progressed in years, so did technology, and with that my learner exceeded what it did the year before. With the fast moving information, the high abudance of topics that could be researched in seconds, as well as the ways of getting online to learn, it proves that technology is beneficial in the classroom today.

Throughout the internet there are sources for students of any age to get on and explore. From preschool games up to typing games to improve accuracy or even web quests to get students more engaged, the internet is making way into the curriculum faster than we think.

My father is an eighth grade social studies teacher, and through over 25 years of teaching behind him he is finding that when he does his research papers and webquests places throughout various chapters of the book throughout the year, his students are more engaged and retaining information longer. The internet is what kids know. They are on it all the time when they are at home, so why not bring it into the classroom. They know just as much as the teachers do, and they can benefit from it? Then I say welcome to the classroom.


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