Writing Spaces Through Youtube

20 Dec

In Cee-Lo’s lyric video of his hit song has over 10.7 million views. This type of lyric video is on the uprise of the music industry today. Instead of websites posting lyric pages, they are integrating them right onto a video. This way, the fans can learn the lyrics, as well as them being displayed for the world, instead of guessing to occur.

Not just through music, but also with lessons, this is taking place. This gives a different meaning to the lesson. Students have something to look at, something that they can read, which therefore will be something they will remember and have sink in. It is just a little something different that is added to the internet these days.


One Response to “Writing Spaces Through Youtube”

  1. shawneesaurusrexx January 10, 2013 at 9:54 pm #

    I think youtube is a really important part of our technology. There are videos on youtube that really teach us a lot of things. Being a musician i watch a lot of music videos, live performances, vocal warmups, interviews etc. without youtube i don’t think i’d know as much as i know about music. As far as the lyrics being connected to the song; this is a perfect way to learn. it helps those who learn by hearing, and those who learn by reading. I think youtube is a win/win situation; and if i were going to be a teacher i would definitely incorporate it into my lesson plans.

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