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Module Project: Part 2

18 Dec

I actually really like Prezi, to be completely honest. It has a real edge over PowerPoint and it was fun to create, add in media and move all over the place! This could prove to be a great program to use in my future classroom. I found the voice-over to be quite simple once I practiced reading aloud a few times. While I still struggled a few times in synchronizing the narrative with the Prezi, I just kept going because at the point, I was not starting over.

My Prezi presentation lists how I think writing is defined today, and briefly touches on the direction it could go in the future. Writing today branches much more than text, and encourages communication, interaction and collaboration. I discussed that many online writing spaces define the authors themselves, and writers need to be aware that their writing portrays them in that way, however negative or positive. Additionally, I give examples of how writing spaces can affect our writing styles, and the tools each writer needs to be aware of when using different spaces.

Watch my Prezi presentation and let me know what you think!


The Frustrated Teacher

18 Dec


In the information listed, The Frustrated Teacher used to be a teacher (who’s gender is left anonymous), and now is an advocate for students and teachers alike. He/she writes opinionated tweets, and adds a dry sense of humor by justifying it as having an “educated opinion”. Most people that follow this user are also educators, parents or educational organizations. Mostly all of the tweets are educationally based, so it makes sense that  most followers are have educational occupations, because otherwise they might not be interested in this page.

This Twitter user often uses language that I think would be considered inappropriate in the educational field- although the opinions are valid, I do not agree with the means that they come across. This user also tweets about broader topics than education, such as healthcare and controversial topics (slavery, Holocaust). However, other teachers reach out to this The Frustrated Teacher for advice on Union topics, teacher’s rights and preparation strategies. This user also seems somewhat political, and comments quite frequently on working conditions, individual rights and negative teaching issues.

Let Children Monkey Around: It Will Help Their Handwriting!

30 Nov

Over Thanksgiving break, I had the pleasure of taking my little cousins to the park. While my adorable cousin Ryan was dangling from the monkey bars,  I would stand so close to him, worried he would fall and get hurt. I couldn’t help it; I was born with that motherly instinct! Ryan’s amazing mother, my “Aunt” Mary, (We joke about her being my aunt because she is more like a cousin) shared with me how much Ryan’s handwriting had improved from playing on the monkey bars. When I was a child, the idea of playing on the playground was simply for fun. I never really took the time to think how these playgrounds served more of a purpose than an energy release for children. Gross motor skills are important for child development. The monkey bars strengthen the hand muscles which are needed to hold a writing utensil. I always wondered why they put such dangerous equipment on playgrounds. Now understanding the real purpose for the various jungle gym equipment, I can stand back with relief knowing even though they could potentially get hurt, they are improving their gross motor skills! My handwriting is horrendous; maybe I ignored the monkey bars as a child! On that note, I should probably take a trip to the park to monkey around!

My little cousin Ryan monkeying around!

My little cousin Ryan monkeying around!