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Module Project: Part 2

18 Dec

I actually really like Prezi, to be completely honest. It has a real edge over PowerPoint and it was fun to create, add in media and move all over the place! This could prove to be a great program to use in my future classroom. I found the voice-over to be quite simple once I practiced reading aloud a few times. While I still struggled a few times in synchronizing the narrative with the Prezi, I just kept going because at the point, I was not starting over.

My Prezi presentation lists how I think writing is defined today, and briefly touches on the direction it could go in the future. Writing today branches much more than text, and encourages communication, interaction and collaboration. I discussed that many online writing spaces define the authors themselves, and writers need to be aware that their writing portrays them in that way, however negative or positive. Additionally, I give examples of how writing spaces can affect our writing styles, and the tools each writer needs to be aware of when using different spaces.

Watch my Prezi presentation and let me know what you think!