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Stalker free is the way to be!

12 Dec
Notifications await!

Notifications await!

I successfully completed the Facebook challenge! Being without Facebook for the week was surprisingly enjoyable. It is like a sick obsession, an addiction, and being away from it was detoxifying. I find that many times when I am on Facebook, I don’t even realize it. Being on Facebook is like a unconcious act, my finger just taps on the app and before I know it I am scrolling through my newsfeed, stalking away, finding out information about others I could honestly not care less about, yet I can’t stop. I would be lying if I said I did not miss it at all. Well, maybe miss is not the right word. I did not exactly miss being on Facebook, but I missed out on a few thing because I was not checking in on my Facebook. For example; I always know the round about dates to my best friends birthdays. I know as far as the month, and whether it is the beginning, middle, or end. I leave the rest up to Facebook to prompt me on the actual date. Well, this Facebook challenge made me miss one of my best friends birthday. I actually had to call another mutual friend and ask them to check on Facebook for the actual date. Then that friend told me, “it was 2 days ago”. Needless to say, I was in the crappy friend dog house, but luckily my good friend quickly got over it.

The only times I really missed having Facebook was when I got home from work late at night. I am a bartender and don’t get home till 1am-3am. After running my butt off all through the night and into the wee hours of the morning, it takes me awhile to wind down, and Facebook is usually my go to app. Usually every night (or technically morning) after work I lie in bed, my body exhausted but my mind still running, and I scroll through my news feed until I relax and fall asleep. At first I hated twitter as my Facebook substitute, but it got the job done, along with my buddy Pinterest. Many people use Facebook to pass time, but everyone complains that they need more time, so why waste it on Facebook? Maybe I am still stuck in my detoxified stage and may have a relapse, but I have to admit this was a good experience.

Even when I logged in for the first time tonight, seeing those 22 notification, 2 friends requests, and 1 message, I knew it was most likely nothing important. The only time I am actually curious about  a notification is when it is a picture tag. I know I am speaking for many girls when I say this, but when you see you are tagged in a photo, you have to check to make sure you approve! If not, you will instantly do everything you can to get that tagger to take the photo down to save yourself the embarrassment of the horrible photo, even though you are probably just being picky and you look totally fine. But luckily for me, I knew that none of those notifications were picture tags because my email would have notified me. I also do not go out as much as I used to so I was not worried about a potential embarrassing photo being tagged like I used to in my party days! Although, I did rap “Baby got back” on the mic at work the other night, so I could have possibly been tagged in a video! Now that would be super embarrassing!

The only other time I felt like I needed Facebook was for work. Like I said, I am a bartender at a local bar in my town. The bar uses Facebook to promote events and drink specials which is usually part of my job. It was hard not seeing upcoming events, the live entertainment, and posting drink specials to try to get my friends to come up. So instead I had to find out the old school way, you know, like text or call my boss and ask a few simple questions. That was totally, like, such an inconvenience! (Kidding)

Overall, this week away from Facebook felt like rehab for my addiction. I think my addiction has been cured, and I honestly may not even download the app back on my phone. Maybe just log in from a computer here or there to upload pictures or post a status; or to untag an embarrassing video of me rapping! You never know when someone is capturing a moment of you acting a fool!