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Something to Think About.

20 Dec

“Technology won’t replace teachers. But, those teachers that use technology in their classrooms will replace those teachers that don’t.”


I think about the quote above. We are seeing lots of technology in classrooms, but it’s still not everywhere. Many of the early childhood classes have very little technology – do administators not think they’re worth it? I don’t know the answer to this. Meanwhile, as early childhood teachers, it’s necessary that we bring the 21st century tech skills into our classrooms and expose our children to them. If we don’t, eventually, other teachers will and it will probably be those tech savy ones.


New Worldwide Trend

20 Dec

Twitter is one thing that is going to change this world. In 140 characters, any person is free to express ideas, thoughts, or feelings. “With Twitter, Williams was launching a communications platform that limited you to a couple of sentences at most.” These couple of sentences are sparking a revolution. With just a few clicks of a button you can be connected to anyone around the world. In Silver’s blog post, he describes thick and thin tweets. This meaning that the thicker the tweet the more integrated information within these 140 characters.

            Twitter is one thing that I use in my every day life. To keep with friends, what is going on in the music industry, and also to get ideas for my students on different crafts. For example, just last week I was looking for Thanksgiving crafts for my preschoolers to do for their parents. With a few searches in the Twitter search bar, I was led to a Preschool teacher in Missouri’s twitter who posted what she had done with her class that year. Through there the link was posted to her website to where she listed all of the directions and supplies needed.

            Just like me, everyday more and more people are turning towards Twitter for these ideas and for sharing of everyday tricks and tips.