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Let Children Monkey Around: It Will Help Their Handwriting!

30 Nov

Over Thanksgiving break, I had the pleasure of taking my little cousins to the park. While my adorable cousin Ryan was dangling from the monkey bars, ¬†I would stand so close to him, worried he would fall and get hurt. I couldn’t help it; I was born with that motherly instinct! Ryan’s amazing¬†mother, my “Aunt” Mary, (We joke about her being my aunt because she is more like a cousin) shared with me how much Ryan’s handwriting had improved from playing on the monkey bars. When I was a child, the idea of playing on the playground was simply for fun. I never really took the time to think how these playgrounds served more of a purpose than an energy release for children. Gross motor skills are important for child development. The monkey bars strengthen the hand muscles which are needed to hold a writing utensil. I always wondered why they put such dangerous equipment on playgrounds. Now understanding the real purpose for the various jungle gym equipment, I can stand back with relief knowing even though they could potentially get hurt, they are improving their gross motor skills! My handwriting is horrendous; maybe I ignored the monkey bars as a child! On that note, I should probably take a trip to the park to monkey around!

My little cousin Ryan monkeying around!

My little cousin Ryan monkeying around!